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Planet Hunter debut EP

Cormac, Planet Hunter’s singer, has a shipping container on his front lawn in Tawa. This shipping container contains a a cozy recording studio which seems somehow larger on the inside than it appears from the outside. This little studio is called Intellect Audio, and it is where we have done all our recording so far.

The EP was recorded in the winter of 2019 and released for general consumption in November. It was mixed by Ricky Hunt at Audio Mixing Solutions and mastered by Dale Cotton at Audioworkshop.

Stream below, or own a digital copy for a measly $4.00 by clicking here.

The Bigger They Are (single)

In 2018 we needed something – anything – to prove we were an actual band who played actual music. Cormac Ferris recorded, mixed, and mastered this one song at Intellect Audio. Stream below or buy here for $1.00