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Planet Hunter Press Kit

Booking manager: joseph@willnotfade.com

The band: planethunterband@gmail.com


Proggy, rocky grunge from WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND

William Saunders – Guitar
Jedaiah van Ewijk – Bass
Cormac Ferris – Voice / Words
David McGurk – Drums

There’s SO much here to love, so many genres being represented in a cohesive way – Craig Leahy (Glassblower)

Searing riffage, left-field bridges and a humorous, enjoyable juxtaposition of bizarre, sci-fi interpretive dance – Ambient Light


In September 2022 Planet Hunter released their debut album Moscovium, named after a highly radioactive and fleeting element recently discovered in a Russian particle accelerator and given the atomic number 115. The same element (115) was also claimed by Bob Lazar to have been used to reverse engineer and pilot UFOs in the 1980s.

The album takes the diverse influences of its musicians – prog rock, jazz, funk, metal, indie – and mashes them into a riff-fueled powerhouse that has garnered airplay in New Zealand (RDU), Australia (Banks Radio), Scotland (Castle Rock) and attracted the attention of rock blogs internationally (DenpaFuzz, Doom charts).

Listen here


Cronenburg Tee planet hunter
planet hunter live chaos
planet hunter eyeball
Planet hunter string theory