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Planet Hunter Press Kit

Booking manager: joseph@willnotfade.com

The band: planethunterband@gmail.com


Drop a pin somewhere in the 90s and you’ll find the roots of Planet Hunter beneath early Melvins and Tool. The band, while adding a progressive, psychedelic voice to Stoner Rock, is steeped in the early nostalgia of the bands the members grew up with. The result is hard-hitting riffs – doomy but somehow uplifting – with wild tangential moments and structural experimentation.

There’s SO much here to love, so many genres being represented in a cohesive way –  Craig Leahy (Glassblower)


Planet Hunter’s followers know their live shows are something to behold. Singer Cormac brings an art-house spectacle with his wardrobe of freaky costumes, utility pouches, confetti, lasers, wizard staff and papier-mâché helmets. Meanwhile the band delivers a set that sounds as good live as it does recorded.

Searing riffage, left-field bridges and a humorous, enjoyable juxtaposition of bizarre, sci-fi interpretive dance – Ambient Light


In September 2022 Planet Hunter released their debut album, Moscovium, named after a highly radioactive and somewhat fleeting element recently discovered in a Russian particle accelerator. The album takes the diverse influences of its musicians – prog rock, jazz, funk, Balkan dance music, metal, indie pop – and mashes them into a cohesive riff-fueled powerhouse that has garnered airplay in New Zealand (RDU), Australia (Banks Radio), Scotland (Castle Rock) and attracted the attention of rock blogs internationally (DenpaFuzz, Doom charts).

For those who want to be able to put a saddle on the riffs and ride them around the room, this is solid, punchy and direct with a great underlying groove – muzic.net.nz

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