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Moscovium (2022)

The debut album from Planet Hunter

Recorded under the stars inside a converted shipping container in Tawa, New Zealand. Mixed and mastered by Dale Cotton between moon phases using selected analogue monstrosities

“(Moscovium) takes all the band’s diverse influences (prog rock, jazz, funk, Balkan dance music, metal, indie pop), chucks them in the blender, and switches that mofo on” – Ambient Light

There were several points during the album that I actually felt like it was trying to fix me. Bad news Planet Hunter, you fucking didn’t okay, and I resent you for trying – Craig Leahy

EP (2019)

Recorded at Intellect Audio by Cormac Ferris, mixed by Ricky Hunt at Audio Mixing Solutions, and mastered by Dale Cotton at Dunedin’s Audioworkshop.



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